Rebound Carers` Support Group
REBOUND was originally established in December 2009 at Baytrees, the NHS Detox Unit at St James's Hospital in Locksway Road, Portsmouth, to support families and friends whose lives have been torn apart by their loved one's drug / alcohol use.  

The Group can offer one to one counselling where needed and two carer representatives who both attend every session.

We have a dedicated phone line with voicemail and all calls are answered or followed up, offering advice and signposting people to our Group.

You are sure to welcomed wholeheartedly by the current members and will be able to mix with people who are in a very similar position to your own.

Each member who attends, has a loved one who is an addict and who may also be suffering from associated mental health problems. 

If you would prefer one-to-one counselling on your first visit - before you join the main group, this can easily be arranged.

The Group moved to The Carers' Centre, 117 Orchard Road, Southsea, in January 2011.

Currently the group meets on a Tuesday evening from 7.00 pm – 9.00 pm.

All are welcome.

Meetings on a weekly basis
The Carer`s Centre117 Orchard Road
Southsea, Portsmouth PO4 0AD

Telephone / Voicemail  07939 580 167

E Mail : info@reboundgroup.org.uk

Web Editor :  one2watch.info@ntlworld.com

or use the contact form on the Talk To Us page.

Contact us any time and if you get the voicemail, please leave a message with a phone number or E Mail address and we will always call you back at the earliest opportunity.
Everyone attending the weekly group meetings, gets a chance to tell their story and to discuss their current problems. We trust that our experienced carer representatives can offer advice on coping strategies and other members can often help by telling how they have managed to deal with the inevitable crisis points.

In order to give the widest possible view of substance misuse and associated mental health problems, we endeavour to invite a speaker every second week, from relevant agencies dealing with drug and alcohol users.

The speaker can give an insight into current policy and procedures for dealing with addicts and those with mental health problems and will answer any questions you may have about your own particular situation.

Recent visitors have included representatives from the Police, Baytrees Detox Unit, the Alcohol Intervention Program at QA Hospital, the Courts, Professional Recovery Counsellors and Recovering Addicts from PUSH
( Portsmouth Users Self Help Group ).
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